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Nothing is more perfect than a simple adjustable bangle DIY!
I've bought a few "adjustable" bangles before, and they were not malleable enough for me to make them smaller. Completely annoyed, I went on a hunt for supplies to make my own and this is what I came up with!

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  • How to make a bracelet. Simple Cut Adjustable Bangle - Step 1
    Step 1

    1) I am using 12 gauge wire for this tutorial. I have tried other gauges and they weren’t as pretty or of quality.
    2) Cut your wire at about 12″. Note: Keep your wire in a coil and try to not to bend it around too much.
    3) At the one cut end, bend that end towards the other wire at a 90° angle. The end that is sticking over the other wire, bend it under to create a loop.
    4) On the other opened end, feed in a few small beads. Note: Before I buy the beads, I make sure they fit the wire! Some beads do not have a big of enough of an opening for the wire.
    5) At this stage you can experiment with how many beads you like, I feel like for me 10-12 is sufficient. Anymore than that and your bangle won’t open!!!
    6) Take the cut edge and bend that towards the other wire also at a 90° angle.
    7) Again with the end that is sticking out, loop it under the wire.
    8) With a head pin, I feed a small bead to it.
    9) I cut off a little bit of the excess. Note: I save the excess so I could make looped pins in the future.
    10) I create a loop for the end.
    11) I attach it to my bangle with a jump ring.
    12) have fun and experiment with as many styles as you like!

    NOTE: To have beads at the top and bottom wire like I do, before step #3 add in 10-12 beads, before bending it at a 90° angle. Once you’ve made a loop, push all of those beads towards that loop and remind yourself that it should stay there. Then Continue with step #4 -#6. At step #6, keep in mind that there will be some beads in your way when you are bending yours second end towards a 90° angle.

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