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Silk Butterflies

Fly butterfly! • Posted by Grace D

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


0 h 20


Pretty Easy
Medium textiles art and cut out



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    Iron your silk flat and then make a crease down the middle which helps to work with it later.

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    Stick one side of your silk down to quite thick card. Preferably use repositional fabric mount, but if you do not have that, Prit Stick/UHU/repositional Spray mount works just as well. Don't go crazy sticking though as we need to take this off later!

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    Fold over the unstuck side and start drawing! You need to work from the crease out otherwise the symetrical pattern will not work. This technique is not limited to drawing butterflies, you can draw patterns, animals, flowers etc.

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    Once I've drawn the outline I colour it in using fabric pens, marker pens, fine liners ...anything and everything!

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    Now open your design and continue with this side, which should be easier as the pattern is already there!

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    Once you have done that! You are almost finished...

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    For the butterfly effect I stick down the piece onto card. Permanent fabric mount works best, but UHU works very well too as long as you spread it on very thinly and evenly.

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    Now cut out your final design. I do this last because one you have more control when positioning the fabric without it getting out of shape, and secondly the edges will not fray.

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    Just a small detail, cutting behind the antennae so they are a bit more free to move

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    Now finally, get a needle and sew from the back and make a loop ready to hang! If you have invisible thread your onto a winner!