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Homemade (and cheap) wallart! • Posted by Baschii

The easy way of creating wall art that will send your friends into jealous rages.

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The easy way of creating wall art that will send your friends into jealous rages.


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    Righteo, this is what you will need. You can get them at most craft stores and there are a lot of $2 type stores that sell cheap canvas.

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    The best way to start is to google 'silhouette' and then grab some ideas from the images that come up. I'm going to use a moose as an example because i think they're kinda cool looking. And yes i stole the image but i'm not intending to sell my work and i can't exactly go find a moose, take a photo, then change it to silhouette. There is a tutorial on how to make stencils if you want to use a normal picture.

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    Depending on what colour wall you're going to place this fabulous wall art on, choose a colour that will suit it. Anywhoo, paint your entire canvas that colour and as you can see, i've chosen red.

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    Anyway getting back to the moose, copy the image and paste it into word, then resize it based on how big your canvas is and print it!

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    Now, cut out the image carefully, you want to get rid of the moose and just have the white paper with a hole where the moose was.

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    Voila, you now have a stencil.

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    Now make sure the canvas is dry. Sticky tape the edges of the stencil to the canvas, making sure the paper is taut.

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    Use the stencil sponger and some black paint (if you don't want to use black, go for something really plain like white, grey or brown. or you could use whatever colour you like, just as long as it contrasts with you base colour) to fill in the stencil. Be really careful around the outline.

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    After you've filled in the stencil, take it off carefully and wait to dry.

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    And as simple as that, you have a one of a kind creation.