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Based on Silhouette Bird Necklace by Cat Morley
This is my version of the Silhouette Bird Necklace by Cat Morley.

Unfortunately, I ran out of Shrinky Dink, so Googled alternatives: Apparently, #6 recyclable plastic is basically the same thing as Shrinky Dink. (Look for the #6 inside a recycling symbol, like in the image above)

You can find the bird silhouettes I used under the project attachments. There are several different silhouettes, I picked my favorites.

It can be shrunk in the oven, same as Shrinky Dink, at 350 degrees for 2-3 minutes. I painted the birds after baking, using black acrylic paint and clear nail polish as a top coat.

I used black waxed string to connect the bird charms together, and added red beads for a pop of color. Hope you enjoy my version!

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