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Crow Earrings
These earrings are crows (in case you can't tell) :). Your's can be any type of bird you like.

I don't have step-by-step photos at the moment but here are the basic instructions:

Find a bird pattern you like, trace around it on a sheet of paper.

Place your shrinky dink plastic over the pattern then trace it with a permanent marker.

Using scissors or an xacto knife carefully cut out the bird shape from the shrink plastic.

Decorate the bird if you like (I made tiny marks for feathers, and eye, wing, etc.) Alternatively you can just paint it all black for a silhouette effect. You could even make colorful bird earrings using different colored permanent markers.

Punch a tiny hole in the top of the bird body where you want your jump ring to go. (be sure to do this before baking)

Put the earrings in a preheated oven and following manufacturers directions bake until it's shrunk.

Attach your jump ring and fish hook earring piece.

If these instructions aren't clear enough feel free to email me with any questions.



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