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Shrink Plastic Collar Necklace

An easy and quick tutorial to make this gorgeous, simple and chic collar necklace • Posted by Fall For DIY

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Medium triangle4



  1. Small triangle1

    Making sure your screen is set to 100% trace the triangle onto a piece of paper (don't press too hard!!) and cut out / using this as a template to cut from, cut out two pieces of shrink plastic / Punch holes in 2 corners of the triangles / shrink using the instructions on the packet

  2. Small triangle2

    Cut your chain into four pieces each 20cm/8inches in length / Attach two chains together a one end with a jump ring (do the same with the other two chains) / Using four more jump rings, attach each set of chains to a triangle. (See a more detailed tutorials on attaching jump rings on the teahab blog.) You should have two separate parts that both individually look like necklaces.

  3. Small triangle3

    Take a jump ring and loop it through one of the rings on each triangle to bring the two together / Open one of the jump rings keeping the chains together at the top and attach a clasp. (See more about attaching clasps on the teahab blog.) / If necessary add or take away chain links to achieve a necklace length your happy with.