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Cheap, easy necklace
I made this using black shrink plastic and a store bought necklace. The necklace I had was quite plain so this butterfly really jazzed it up. The shrink plastic can be cut into any shape you like so the possibilites are endless on how you can personalise this for yourself. :D

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  • Step 1

    For this you will need

    * Shrink Plastic
    * Sharp blade and scissors
    * Hole punch
    * Necklace of your choice (store bought or handmade)
    * Needle nosed pliers (but if like me you don't have any, tweezers will also do the job)
    * And an oven (to bake the shrink plastic)

  • Step 2

    Find a pattern you'd like for the pendant. I googled free stencils and found a butterfly stencil I liked, but you could use just about any stencil you like.

  • Step 3

    Print the stencil in the size you'd like (remember the plastic will shrink so go bigger than you want it), or just trace it off the computer screen.
    Once you have the stencil on paper, cut around it roughly and tape this to your shrink plastic.

  • Step 4

    Cut your stencil out of the shrink plastic and use a hole punch to make the holes that will attatch to your necklace. I used a normal sized hole punch and the size of the holes after shrinking was perfect.

  • Step 5

    Bake your plastic using the instructions that came with it.
    Once baked and cooled you are now ready to attatch to your necklace.

  • Step 6

    If using a store bought necklace, use your pliers or tweezers to open two links or rings on the necklace.
    Attach the pendant and close the links back up.
    Viola!!! You now have a new necklace :D

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