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What do you call a passed-out hermit crab? Un-CONCH-ous. AHAHAHAHAHA!(cheesy joke, yay!)
I was at the beach with my dogs and found this cool, little shell that looked exactly like the classic cartoon shell (like in Little Mermaid or something, idk) and I took it home and it sat on my window sill for a month until I decided to make something out of it. I got the charms from an old, broken necklace and bracelet. The leaves are my favorite.

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  • How to make a shell necklace. Shell Necklace - Step 1
    Step 1

    First, find a shell, or more than one and bleach them to clean and whiten them. I bleached mine in an old cottage cheese container filling just enough that the bleach covers the top. Leave it for a few hours or until it's clean looking. Rinse in soap and water (wear gloves!).

  • How to make a shell necklace. Shell Necklace - Step 2
    Step 2

    After rinsing and letting dry, take a Dremel tool or drill with a small bit and drill a hole which will attach later to the chain. Be sure to use a lower speed to avoid cracking the shell and be gentle with it.

    Also if the shell does break, remember that it's a biological material and can be sanded with a nail file. Try drilling in a thick spot near the middle. Attach jump rings as a small chain (maybe three or four links).

  • How to make a shell necklace. Shell Necklace - Step 3
    Step 3

    The next part is optional but if you want to paint the shell with nail polish or glitter for a funkier look, you can. I am using a gold nail glitter and just sweeping it over the outside.

    After, or just if you want a very natural looking shell, use an all-purpose, spray-on lacquer to protect the paint and/or shell surface from scratches, chips, etc. Let dry.

    P.S. Sorry about the mirrored photo. It's really Ace Hardware, Instant Drying Lacquer and Sinful Colors nail polish from RiteAid and Ace, respectively.

  • How to make a shell necklace. Shell Necklace - Step 4
    Step 4

    Prepare your necklace parts such as chains, jump rings and other beads or charms.

    I am using two layers of jewelry chain and attaching a few different large beads but my shell is in the middle. Since the shell is the main attraction and probably the largest, heaviest piece, you'll want to put it in the middle and keep the rest more subdued.

    In the photo, I haven't attached the shell yet. It'll go on the bottom chain in the middle.

  • How to make a shell necklace. Shell Necklace - Step 5
    Step 5

    You can make jump rings (a small, wire ring to attach beads or charms to chain) by rolling a short piece of high-gauge wire around needle-nose pliers. Open the ring and attach the pieces together, then clamp the two ends tightly with pliers.

    Using two jump rings (one on either side), attach your clasp pieces, whether it's a ring and lobster claw, a screw clasp, a toggle, or something else. After clamping tightly, you can file wire edges if they are sharp to avoid cutting or scratching yourself.

  • How to make a shell necklace. Shell Necklace - Step 6
    Step 6


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heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Really pretty!
Nice joke btw xD

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