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Shell Earrings

Nice shell earrings • Posted by aneniine

I had a lot of shells from summer so i decided to do something with them!

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I had a lot of shells from summer so i decided to do something with them!


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    To start,get 2 shells. The best is to choose 2 similar shells. Sand them a bit with sandpaper or nail file.

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    Then add a few coats of nail varnish. I choosed green.

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    While nail polish is drying, try out designs with marker on paper before drawing on shell (if you want to draw something). You don't want to spoil your freshly painted shell,don't you?

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    Now paint the design you want on your shells. I choosed spider web design. For best results, use permanent marker. Then CAREFULLY drill a hole on top of the shell. These can easily break while doing this. Actually, i broke the hole for one of those cute earrings while i was closing the eyepin. So be really careful with that.

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    For extra shine you can add sparkly or clear nail polish to your shell. I forgot to tell you that you also have to paint the back of your shell too for nicer look.

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    Then insert the eyepin,add bead(s) if you like,add earring hook and your done! Enjoy your new dangle earrings!