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Based on Shaving Cream Paper by
I made the print on this t-shirt using the same method as "Shaving cream paper", but on a t-shirt! I used fabric paint instead of hobby paints, let it dry over night and then ironed it for fixture. It turned out awesome and I'm gonna try this with different colours and patterns!

The basic t-shirt is a remade longsleeve that I tailored to fit me a bit better.

Posted by Rebecca S. from Lund, Skane County, Sweden • Published See Rebecca S.'s 6 projects »

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Susan B.
Susan B. · Boston, Massachusetts, US
I tried this with parchment paper, came out awesome! I love it. I was wondering about your tee shirt...did the paint wash out when laundered? just curious...if not, I'll give this a go...would be cool to recycle some tees I have with this idea!

CO + K User

I just made one, I used green, turquoise, and gray but I used acrylic paint mixed with water. I'll post a version soon
Christine  B.
Christine B. · 6 projects
how did you tailor the shirt to fit you better?
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S. · Lund, Skane County, SE · 6 projects
I just let it dry with the fabric paint, it smells quite a lot but the type I used did'nt leave any stains. I guess most shaving creams don't leave permanent stains once they dry 'cus it would'nt be to popular with regular users Tongue
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
i think i will try it out tomorrow!! but, did you scrap off the shaving cream? or let it just dry with the cream on the fabric?
Malissa · Kansas City, Missouri, US · 3 projects
Oooh, this is brilliant!
Create&Destroy · Chicago, Illinois, US · 2 projects
So cool, and you look sooo pretty.

CO + K User

Oh how cool!!!! I have to make a version of the version you made for my project!!
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S. · Lund, Skane County, SE · 6 projects
Haha ok, well I live in Sweden and we don't have the Disney Channel, at least not on regular cable Tongue But thanks anyway Happy
quirky been v.
quirky been v. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 8 projects
did you know that you look like cece jones off of that disney channel show shake it up?? yeah ive watched it before...

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