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I took an old desk and fixed it up for my sewing desk!! :D
I took my mom and aunt's old vanity desk and decided to reuse it, without the mirror this time. I went shopping for the perfect shade of paint, the right paint stripper to remove all the other paint jobs it's been through, and thankfully saved on buying new drawer handles because these were already perfect.
It was a pretty lengthy process but the worst part was working with the paint stripper. You have to leave it on for about 24 hours and scrape it off when you're done and let me tell you it's a mess. After that wipe down the desk with mineral spirits to stop the stripping. I did this step about 3 times for good measure. Then comes the fun part. . . paint it whatever you want it. . . you don't even have to stay in the solid colors make a mural if you feel like it.

I love this desk because the drawers are big enough to hold all my patterns, yarn, accent materials, and my upcoming projects I plan on doing. On top of that. . . the color totally ended up matching my new sewing machine :D!

Posted by Aleyna Katerina from Ankeny, Iowa, United States • Published See Aleyna Katerina's 3 projects »

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Aleyna Katerina
Aleyna Katerina · Ankeny, Iowa, US · 3 projects
it actually went from black to teal. It originally was painted with Chalkboard paint!
Create&Destroy · Chicago, Illinois, US · 2 projects
Epic, I've been wanting to paint my sewing desk and wardrobe black for two years now, but no one would take me to the paint shops, because the hardware shop doesn't hold proper black paint and the only other place I'vefound it at sells it at a pretty high price.

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