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Easy to Learn Hand Embroidery
Useful and pretty, this cover will keep harmful dust off your machine and brighten up your sewing corner at the same time. The embroidered sewing motifs decorate a pocket that can be used to store patterns, supplies or the machine cord. Cute little cross stitches fill in the background on the pocket.

Finished Size
Size of your machine

Measuring Your Machine
Note: Be sure to include any knobs or other features that extend out from the machine body when measuring.
1. Measure the width of your machine from side to side at the widest point.
2. Measure the height from the bottom to the highest point.
3. Measure the depth from the front to the back at the widest point.

From green dot:
• Cut 1 (1 x 71/2-inch) pocket top border strip. • Cut 2 (1 x 9-inch) pocket side border strips. • Cut 1 (81/2 x 9-inch) pocket lining rectangle. • Cut 8 (41/2 x 3-inch) side tab rectangles.
• Cut 2 (11/2-inch-diameter) cover button circles.
From red dot:
• Cut 21/2 x 42-inch binding strips to equal the perimeter of your cover plus 10 inches when joined.
• Cut 2 (41/2-inch-diameter) yo-yo circles.
From multicolored print:
• Using the measurements taken for your machine, cut 2 [(machine width + 11/2 inches) x (height + height + depth)] rectangles.
From the batting:
• Cut 1 (81/2 x 9-inch) rectangle.
• Cut 1 rectangle the same size as the multicolored
print rectangles.

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© 2021 Chris Malone / Annie's · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Refer to Embroidery Necessities on page 2 for stitching tips and the Stitch Guide on page 6. Full- size embroidery design is included on the insert.
    1. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of the white solid following the manufacturer’s instructions. Transfer the embroidery design centered on the right side using your preferred transfer method.
    2. Stitch the embroidery design using 2 strands of embroidery floss as follows:

    Dress Form: Base
    Body form
    Scissors: Handles
    Blades Screw head
    Thread spools Thread
    Needle Buttons
    Buttonholes Background
    black stem/outline stitch blue stem/outline stitch
    orange stem/outline stitch gray stem/outline stitch gray backstitch
    gray backstitch
    red and green stem/
    outline stitch
    gray stem/outline stitch purple, light blue and green
    black knot stitch
    dark pink cross stitches

    3. Complete pocket embroidery; press and trim to 71/2 x 81/2 inches with design centered.

  • Step 2

    Use 1/4-inch seam allowance and stitch right sides together unless otherwise indicated. Full-size templates are included on the insert.

    Stitch the top pocket border strip to the embroi- dered pocket; press seam toward the border strip.

  • Step 3

    Stitch the pocket side border strips to opposite sides of embroidered pocket; press seams toward the borders.

  • How to make a sewing machine covers. Sew Tidy Sewing Machine Cover - Step 4
    Step 4

    Layer and pin the embroi- dered pocket and the pocket lining, right sides together, on the 81/2 x 9-inch batting rect- angle. Stitch sides and top, leaving bottom open. Trim batting close to seam and corners at an angle. Turn right side out; press. Baste bottom edges together 3/16 inch from the edge (Figure 1).

  • Step 5

    Layer and pin together a cover rectangle, right side down; batting and second cover rectangle, right side up. Baste 3/16 inch from all edges.

  • How to make a sewing machine covers. Sew Tidy Sewing Machine Cover - Step 6
    Step 6

    Pin pocket to right side of cover, 2 inches from the right side edge, matching raw bottom edges (Figure 2).

  • How to make a sewing machine covers. Sew Tidy Sewing Machine Cover - Step 7
    Step 7

    Stitch-in-the-ditch along the side borders, back- stitching at top to secure (Figure 3).

  • Step 8

    To make side tabs, use the tab end trimming template provided to round off one short end of each tab rectangle.

  • How to make a sewing machine covers. Sew Tidy Sewing Machine Cover - Step 9
    Step 9

    Position and pin two tabs, right sides together, to a scrap of batting. Stitch all around, leaving open at short straight end (Figure 4). Trim batting close to seam line and clip curves. Turn right side out and press. Repeat to make a total of four tabs.

  • How to make a sewing machine covers. Sew Tidy Sewing Machine Cover - Step 10
    Step 10

    Pin the tabs to the lining side of the cover 41/2 inches from the bottom and top edges, matching raw edges (Figure 5). Stitch in place.

  • Step 11

    Prepare and attach binding to cover rectangles referring to Mitered Corner Binding.

  • Step 12

    Prepare yo-yo flowers using 41/2-inch-diameter circles.

  • How to make a sewing machine covers. Sew Tidy Sewing Machine Cover - Step 13
    Step 13

    Follow the manufacturer’s directions to cover two buttons. Stitch a button to a yo-yo with the shank fitting into the center hole and then stitch the yo-yo to the right front tab end (Figure 6). Repeat with the second yo-yo and button, stitch- ing to the left front tab.

  • How to make a sewing machine covers. Sew Tidy Sewing Machine Cover - Step 14
    Step 14

    Sew a snap set to the ends of the tabs, about 1 inch in from the rounded end, referring to Figure 7.

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