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15 mins

It's a fake tube top !
Update your v-neck tshirts or just be modest. Sew a cleavage cover-up in less than 15 mins using old t-shirts.

This instruction makes two pieces. The more the merrier :)

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  • How to make a strapless top. Sew A Cleavage Coverage - Step 1
    Step 1

    A. Take an A4 size paper cut off 5 cm from the end.
    (Alternatively, you can measure the distance between your bra straps. Take that and minus 4cm. Then head on to Step B. Lessening the width will make the finished piece pull taunt when you wear it. )

    B. Fold the paper into half two times ; measure 5 cm up from the wide side, draw line to the opposite end, as in picture.

  • How to make a strapless top. Sew A Cleavage Coverage - Step 2
    Step 2

    C. Align the paper pattern on the bottom of the t-shirt, cut out with the hem of the t-shirt attached. See the tiny red dots? Cut that into half so you get two pieces.

    D. Take one piece and sew some left-over trims and laces on top. It’s such a small piece you can do it by hand if you want.

  • How to make a strapless top. Sew A Cleavage Coverage - Step 3
    Step 3

    The hem stripes were a bit too long, so I trimmed it off , leaving a 4 cm stub. Now you can either attach velcro or sew buttons for attachment. I fabric glued the velcro pieces on. Make sure to leave a little space in between the velcro pieces because that’s where it goes around the bra strap.

    To wear, wrap the ends around your bra straps, then tuck the bottom part of the fake tube top up into the bottom side of your bra. Then wear your deep V-neck t-shirt.

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saltybkk · Bangkok, TH · 9 projects
@LaurieLou, Thanks for your comment ! I'm raiding my closet for some solid color tees. I think plain contrasting colors will look good with this project Happy
LaurieLou  .
LaurieLou . · Burnsville, Minnesota, US · 1 project
i love this! so many cute shirts are way too low... problem solved!

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