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S.W.A.K (Sealed With A Kiss)
For my little sister...It was a variation of another bracelet that's actually more of metal then fabric and sequins.
Maybe I'll make another one (with rainbow sequins) and it'll maybe be a tutorial then.

Posted by ♥ Mimi Foxtrot♥ from Cliffside Park, New Jersey, United States • Published See ♥ Mimi Foxtrot♥ 's 47 projects »
  • Step 1

    Hey this is Mimi Foxtrot and I've decided to (finally!) make this into a How-to. !

  • Step 2

    ok Grab the old notebook (with a hard cover) and draw the lip shape. AS such in the picture above.

  • Step 3

    Cut out the lip shaped on the notebook and grab an x-acto knife.
    With the knife, cut out the hole in the middle of the lips(making the lips look partially open)

  • Step 4

    Grab the black felt next and fold it in half, but having the white lips (cut from the notebook) in between. Cut around the white lips and you now have two black pairs of lips.
    Also cut the hole in the middle.

  • Step 5

    (For some reason the picture won't load up here...will load up again later)
    Ok take one half of the felt lips and sew the sequins on.

    If any questions on how it's done is needed, message me.
    I don't bite ;)

  • Step 6

    Take the other half of the felt lip and we're gonna add the strap for it.
    I used a t-shirt collar, one of my scraps. It could be done for you as well, but if you don't like it you can use regular elastic.
    Sew the strap on the top of the lip. Whichever side you pick to sew on, that has to be on the inside when you sew it.

  • Step 7

    With one felt lip with sequins &
    the other with a strap, put the white lips inside (like I said the side with the sewn strap will be right under the white lips so it'll be hidden)and the sequined lips ontop.

  • Step 8

    and you're done!
    Have fun making it.
    Experiment as much as you like.
    For example :
    -instead of a fabric strap you could use a chain from an old bracelet.
    or use rainbow sequins



Evelyn P.
Evelyn P. · Modesto, California, US · 4 projects
can you make a tutorial on this. i really love this and would like to make it.
Naomi T.
Naomi T. · Mississauga, Ontario, CA
I have bought all these glitter patches but never knew what to do with them until now.
Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects

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