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Sequin / Embellished Cardigan
I absolutely adore sequins and after sequined cardigans are quite expensive so I like to make my own. I completely my first one awhile ago during the winter holidays when I was bored. It took a couple of weeks. If you don't have as much time you don't need to sew sequins onto the entire cardigan. I love having such a unique item and I know I'll never find one that is exactly the same. It is the best feeling ever when I receive compliments on a cardigan that I have entirely customised myself. A shout out to my mother in law and my sisters in law who helped me with the first one.

Posted by Imogen O. Published
  • Step 1

    Place a sequin on the cardigan with a seed bead on top, wherever you would like it to be stitched. For mine, I placed sequins over the entire front.

  • Step 2

    Using hand sewing attach the sequin to the cardigan. This is achieved by bringing the needle up through the hole in the sequin (and the seed bead which is directly on top). Then bring the thread over the seed bead and back through the hole in the sequins to secure it. Repeat until the sequin is tightly on the cardigan. Take extra care to ensure that the cardigan remains flat at all times. (This has caused me major problems in the past where the material bunches and I had to spend ages unpicking my sewing).

  • Step 3

    Repeat the above step until all sequins are sewn on the cardigan.

  • Step 4

    Remove the buttons and replace with buttons which match the sequins... until all the buttons have been changed.

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