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Self Wall Silhouette

Inexpensive and easy to make • Posted by Niche Y.

You can create your own Self Replica Silhouette for under 10 dollars.This project can be completed in under 2 hours and some of the materials you may already have at home.

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You can create your own Self Replica Silhouette for under 10 dollars.This project can be completed in under 2 hours and some of the materials you may already have at home.


  1. Small 2018 02 28 130519 capture%2b 1 is a convenient online editing tool. Go to this program to crop your image. This prevents printing unnecessary empty areas.

  2. Small 2018 02 28 130539 capture%2b 2

    Select "Launch web app" to go into the editor

  3. Small 2018 02 28 130543 capture%2b 3

    Crop as close to the edge of your subject. After you have finished cropping your image select: File > Save as

  4. Small 2018 02 28 130703 capture%2b 4

    Using will split your image into segments so that you can have a large size image as a result.

  5. Small 2018 02 28 130706 capture%2b 5

    Setting your image to 5 x 5 and bigger will give you a realistic size object if you are printing it on A4 size paper. If you are able to print in A3, I would recommend setting it to 4 x 4 and higher. Save as pdf

  6. Small 2018 02 28 130807 capture%2b 6

    Print out your pdf version in black and white, draft mode. The paper will be discarded eventually so you don't have to worry about printing it in good quality. (Tip: You can set your printer to only print the areas that your subject is including in.) Make sure that the papers are aligned properly with each other and tape the pieces together.

  7. Small 2018 02 28 130809 capture%2b 7

    Cut around your image. This will be used to create an outline on the cardboard.

  8. Small 2018 02 28 130813 capture%2b 8

    If the cardboard is not big enough to fit your subject, you can attach an additional piece to it. To hold them together, stick another smaller piece of cardboard over them with the glue stick.

  9. Small 2018 02 28 130815 capture%2b 9

    Turn over the cardboard and outline your subject on it. Cut out the piece of cardboard with a safety knife

  10. Small 2018 02 28 130825 capture%2b 10

    Apply newspaper over the subject. Make sure to apply glue all over the cardboard so that it sticks without bubbles. When applying the newspaper make sure that you leave about 3 cm around the subject.

  11. Small 2018 02 28 130828 capture%2b 11

    Tearing is a nice method which prevents sharp lines from showing at the end of your project. Do this before applying every piece of newspaper

  12. Small 2018 02 28 130830 capture%2b 12

    When you are finished cut around your subject. Don't forget to leave more than 3 sm around it

  13. Small 2018 02 28 130833 capture%2b 13

    Create slits in the newspaper to prevent bulking for the next step.

  14. Small 2018 02 28 130839 capture%2b 14

    When mixing the paste. use half of the white glue and half water. It's best to start small and if you need more mix again.

  15. Small 2018 02 28 130841 capture%2b 15

    Apply glue to the cardboard. Fold the newspaper over the cardboard and secure it by applying another layer of glue over it. When you are finished with this procedure, turn over your subject.

  16. Small 2018 02 28 130848 1

    Apply the primer spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Using a primer before applying the black paint ensures better adhesion on the subject. It also increases durability and hides the newspaper from showing.

  17. Small 2018 02 28 130938 3%2b 1

    Next, apply the black spray paint

  18. Small 2018 02 28 130942 5

    You can leave your subject completely black or add a pop of colour. I used acrylic paint for this. When you are done, apply the double sided tape on the back of your subject. It is best to apply it closer to the edge of your subject so that you can easily remove it with the safety knife.

  19. Small 2018 02 28 130952 thanks%2bfor%2bviewing%2bcutout

    I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any problems with understanding the steps, don't hesitate to leave a comment or send a message.