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Self Portrait Doll

A doll thats your mirror Image • Posted by PiRaTiCaL WeNcH

I made this doll years ago. A friend and I stayed up all night long making random this. This is a very fun craft!

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Medium done 1235790218


I made this doll years ago. A friend and I stayed up all night long making random this. This is a very fun craft!


  1. Small doll12622 1235792038

    Buy a plain doll from either a craft store or the craft section in Wal Mart. They run about 5$. *This photo is not of the doll I's just an example*

  2. You might want to start with the dolls hair if you want to cut it. My dolls hair was quite long. I cut it to the length of my own hair.

  3. Small piercings and make up 1235790741

    Make-up and Piercings Next your going to take your fine point permanent markers. Draw on the dolls make-up. To give the doll piercings simply take your straight pins and push it in to the doll. Be careful you don't slip and prick your self. If the pin is too long just snip it shorter, but make sure you push it through the doll before you cut it so you can make a hole. Other wise the pin is too dull to push into the doll. *If you put piercings in the dolls head make sure you don't ever squeeze the head. You WILL hurt your self!*

  4. Small cover naughty bits 1235790903

    To make underwear grab your electrical tape. I gave her an arm warmer as well. Be sure to cover all her naughty bits. You don't have too, but I decided to.

  5. Small tattoos 1235790942

    Tattoos Grab your markers again. Use these to draw on any tattoos, nail paint or jewelry. Over time the marker may rub off. It stays on the face because the material is more porous.

  6. Clothing This is where the stockings and scraps come in. Use your imagination and go wild! I made her clothes out of old stockings and scrap material. I hand sewed everything. I used the foot from a pair of stockings to make her shirt. Just cut off the toe and cut in holes for her head and arms. I sewed the back up so it fit tight, but you don't have to do that. *If you're wondering about her necklace it's just a toy bat ring left over from Halloween. It fit her neck perfectly!*

  7. Use your paint to paint the shoes if you choose to do so. The paint chips over time.

  8. Small done 1235791678

    Now put the clothes on your doll and you're done! I bought a doll stand for mine so I can display her in my room. Stands cost about 5$ at your local craft store.