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You'll never loose your id when you cycle. • Posted by Maria T

I wanted a secure zippered pocket on Fehr Trade's Summit Top and this is what I did.

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I wanted a secure zippered pocket on Fehr Trade's Summit Top and this is what I did.


  1. Small summit top pocket pieces2

    My RTW cycling jerseys have close fitting pockets so I adjusted the back pocket and drafted a pocket bag pattern piece. You can see I made the back pocket piece provided in this pattern bigger and drafted pocket bag pieces that I needed.

  2. Small secure pocket zipper check

    Prepping the pocket pattern: I checked the depth of the pocket so it fit my phone. Since then my phone is bigger so I'll need to recheck this pocket piece and adjust it so it fits my phone.

  3. Small step 1 sew zip on outer piece

    Step 1: Sew the zipper to the outer pocket first (right side of the zipper). Use the invisible zipper foot. A 15cm invisible zipper will do.

  4. Small step 2 sew zip on inner pocket

    Step 2: Sew the zipper (left side of the zipper) onto the zipper bag, leaving room for the seam allowance.

  5. Small step 2 check zipper position

    Here's what it should look like at this stage.

  6. Small step 3 sew up top and bottom openings

    Step 3: Sew the zipper seams closed at top and bottom. This will take some negotiating because the fabric stretches but the zipper doesn't. "Patience grasshopper".

  7. Small step 4 finish zipper securely

    Step 4: If the zipper needs to be shortened, zigzag the zipper base and cut it to size.

  8. Small step 5 secure sew pocket bag

    Step 5: Pin the zipper bag to the main pocket piece, ready to sew it closed.

  9. Small step 6 secure back pocket ready to use

    Here's how the pocket bag with an invisible zipper should now look.

  10. Small summit back pocket

    And here's the finished back piece.

  11. Small surt to summit back right

    And you can't see the pocket now but it works.