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Hollowed out so you can hide your treasures!
I've seen a lot of these hollowed out books on this site. I didnt think it looked very hard to do, but I was wrong, lol. I isnt "hard" but it takes a very very long time to make. You have to cut the center out of every page, then glue every page together and let it dry for a day!

The hardest part was painting the cover to look like the Hogwarts Textbook. I painted the whole thing red then painted on the gold lettering and scratches in the book. Then I covered it in a few layers of glaze.

The pages looked kinda weird because of the glue, so I painted them a tan/parchment color. And I added a piece of felt to the inside of the book, so all the things inside are safe :)

I made this for the Harry Potter swap- I hope my partner appreciates all the time I took to make this special book ^_^
Now I want to make another for myself LOL

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Charlotte K.
Charlotte K. · 2 projects
Ohh thanks! That's the hogwarts in me talking!
bindiibabe · Dundee, Scotland, GB · 20 projects
If it was that convincing, it just shows what a great job you did!! <3
bindiibabe · Dundee, Scotland, GB · 20 projects
What a great way to package all your swap items!!
I love doing altered books and "secret" books.
I found a bunch of old books in the paper recycling bins at work but on closer inspection decided not to rescue them. I wasn't sure how some people would react when they realized I'd cut up and painted bibles and prayer books Happy
my arguement would have been at least they were getting used for something beautiful rather than just dumped but still...
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
Charlotte I didn't make it from a Harry Potter book... I made it from a cheep paper back book then painted it to look like the Hogwarts textbook. Lol
Charlotte K.
Charlotte K. · 2 projects
Why make that out of such a precious book? I love Harry potter
Conn · San Francisco, California, US · 134 projects
WOW! That looks amazing! ;)

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