Cut Out + Keep

Scrappy Flower Tutorial

Great way to use scraps and other small pieces in your fabric stash. • Posted by moonofsilver

These are SO EASY!

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These are SO EASY!


  1. Small dsc 0128

    1) Cut out a circle for the base. Then cut out a million other circles the same size out of your scraps.

  2. Small dsc 0137

    2) Pinch fabric scraps of about the same size around the circle! Just keep adding as you sew, and watch your fingers!

  3. Small dsc 0139

    3) Sew another circle on top of the scraps

  4. Small dsc 0141

    4) Add a few more plaid pieces from the center of your new circle, and a large button to cover up the ends of the new layer's petals.

  5. Small dsc 0150

    I put mine on this bag I made from a pair of men's pants!