Cut Out + Keep

Scissors Sweater Clips

Brighten up your outfit with a crafty & geeky accessory! • Posted by Cat Morley

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  1. Small img 2946

    Trace around a pair of scissors on to paper and use the template to cut out scissors from shrink plastic. Shrink down in an oven until small.

  2. Small img 3223

    Gather the rest of your supplies. You'll need an old necklace chain, two clip earrings, two jump rings, pliers and any buttons or embellishments you want to add.

  3. Small img 3224

    Attach the chain to the clip earrings with the jump rings.

  4. Small img 3225

    Arrange your buttons or any embellishments you'd like to use along your chain.

  5. Small img 3303

    Secure the buttons to the chain with some wire.

  6. Small img 3306

    Super glue the scissors to the front of the clip earrings and you're done!