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a scary/creepy clown mask made from scratch.
My inspiration for making this mask was Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal (obviously) i rolled a thick chunk of clay into a ball and pressed my fist into it repeatedly till it was about the size of my entire face. i placed the clay over my face. i then used my fingers to push in the clay over my eyes so i'd know what to cut later. after that i pressed in any details i felt would make the clown scarier (i made the big creepy grin and the angry eyebrows). after this i set the clay on an empty 3 litre plastic bottle (recycling!:D ). THE NEXT DAY:: i picked up the two litre bottle and rubbed the clay to make sure it wasn't still really soft. i cut out the eye and then carved in the details (teeth and scars) using the exacto knife. i made the nose and stuck it on the mask (no glue it's hollow inside the nose shrinks to fit the mask when its dry). THE NEXT DAY::: i scratched in any final details and set the mask aside so the nose could finish drying. THE NEXT DAY :::: i painted the mask lol thats all i did on the last day... it took four days to make the mask because the air dry clay takes 3 days to dry i made the nose on the second day so i had to wait 4 days all together to paint. the paint appears to dry quickly though you should wait another 24 just in case..... i peeled some paint off my mask by accident :P.

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Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
This is great I did not know you can make a mask of clay is amazing. I could use this next year thanks.

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