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Scalloped Skirt

with front zipper • Posted by Hella

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    Put your jeans on and measure the length you want your skirt to be. Place pins.

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    Fold your fabric and place the jeans on the fabric.

  3. Small rok 018

    Draw around the jeans . Make sure you made it a little bit bigger. You can always make it smaller at the end. Cut it.

  4. Small rok 023

    Zigzag, fold and sew.

  5. Small rok 019

    Cut one of the two pieces in half.

  6. Small rok 020

    Zigzag the sides.

  7. Small rok 021

    Fold the zigzag seam and place the zipper. Make sure the zipper is shorter than the skirt. Zip, so the two half are attached.

  8. Small rok 022

    Place the two parts on each other, good sides facing each other. Sew, try it on. Does it fit well? Zigzag. otherwise, make it smaller and Zigzag. You can't make it smaller after the scalloped edge.

  9. Small rok 024

    Open the zipper and measure the whole length. decide how many scallops you want and make a template. I can't really explain how but there are many tutorials on this site.

  10. Small rok 025

    Draw the scallops and cut the out.

  11. Small rok 026

    If you have a little duck tail, turn the zipped skirt inside out and sew a little triangle (blue dotted line) Try it on and make bigger if necessary.

  12. Small rok 008

    C'est tout!