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Extract from Shrubs • By Michael Dietsch • Published by Countryman Press


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The sangrita isn’t really a cocktail, per se. Instead, it’s a traditional way to drink tequila, arising from the Mexican state of Jalisco. Now, the original and perhaps the truest way to make sangrita is to take the juice of the Seville orange, blend that with lime and pomegranate juices, and then add chili powder or hot sauce. The chili powder gives the concoction a red color that reminded drinkers of blood, and in fact sangrita means “little blood.”

The red color caused a misconception, that sangrita was made from tomato juice and lime, instead of orange and lime. Though purists might scoff at the tomato juice variant, I think it’s delicious.

For the tequila, don’t skimp. Find a good tequila, one that’s 100 percent
agave. You’ll be sipping this, so you want it to taste good. Sangrita is not a
shooter, and you’re not in college anymore.

Posted by Countryman Press Published See Countryman Press's 19 projects » © 2023 Michael Dietsch / Countryman Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Take two shot glasses. Fill one with tequila and the other with
    shrub. Add spice to shrub, to taste.

  • Step 2

    Sipping from each, alternate between the two. Take your time;
    the shrub will serve as a palate cleanser between sips of tequila.

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