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Savory Cocktails
This drink feels like summer. Make it with the very best summer tomatoes or don’t make it at all. Backyard beauties are best, but farmers’ markets and even some grocery stores carry excellent heirloom tomatoes these days. Choose carefully; you’ll want a bright tomato taste to stand up to the fearless herbaceousness in this cocktail, which drinks like a meal.

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  • Step 1

    Choose a traditional pint or similar sturdy, thick-bottomed 16-ounce glass. If any of the herbs (such as thyme) have woody stems, remove and discard them. Place the herbs, tomato, and cucumber in the glass and use a long-handled bar muddler to crush them into a fragrant, pulpy mush. Fill the glass with medium ice cubes, stir, add the gin, and stir again. Top with tonic water. Garnish with the herb sprigs (if using).

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