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Easy to make and there are two ways to wear it too
I used linings from three discarded jackets for this. I cut them in circles, and used everything, sleeves and all. That was quite time consuming, might been more than an hour. Circles do not need to be perfect as you cannot tell they are circles because they are crunched. I did not think of that when was cutting the fabric. I also cut a long thin strip that was a hemline from one lining. I used that as a base, I sew all circles on it from their centres, just couple of stitches, always two back to back and the thin strip in the middle. When all circles were there I cut off the uncovered end of the strip and dipped it in water. I made sure it was thoroughly wet. I crunched it into tight ball. Then I loosened it and let it dry. The satin unravels a lot and those "hairs" get everywhere, so I am planning to try this same project with some fabric that does not "shed".

Posted by Heli J. from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland • Published See Heli J.'s 2 projects »

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cinderelly · 4 projects
great idea! i have a huge hoard of scraps, i may need to try this!

Heli J.
Heli J. · Rovaniemi, Lapland, FI · 2 projects
Thank you Naomi. I doubt I will find the product that stops the fabric raveling out, as I live in another country and another continent, but maybe fabric paint could stick all threads together in sufficient firmness. I'll try that soon.
Naomi T.
Naomi T. · Mississauga, Ontario, CA
Great use of unneeded fabric....I heard about something that you might consider so you can still use up the linings...basically it is spray fray check..

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