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Linen Ruffles!!
If you like ruffles theses are great. If you like Lolita these are great. If you like steampunk these are great. If you like gothic these are great. you could do so many colors and fabrics.
I used leftover linen, and some extra lace I had.
I did the ruffles by hand, but if you have a ruffler foot it would be so much easier. I'm looking into getting one.
Ruffle Cuffs.

Posted by Jess H. from Cabot, Arkansas, United States • Published See Jess H.'s 21 projects »

  • Step 1

    Sorry no first pictures.
    For the first ruffle:
    I cut a rectangle of fabric 15in long, and 5in wide.
    I'm allowing for an approximate 1/2in seam allowance.

  • Step 2

    After I hemmed it. I put my machine on the lowest (stitch tightness) setting, and the longest stitch length. i secured the first end and then sewed all the way across.
    about a 1/4in down from that i repeated.

    you then grab the end with the loose strings (just the top ones)
    and pull evenly. gathering to make the ruffles.
    make it to fit your wrist, i left a little unruffled to sit flat on my bottom wrist.

  • Step 3

    for the top ruffle:
    this will be shorter than the first.
    cut a strip about 9in long, and 3in wide. having a 1/2in seam for hemming.

    Half an Inch down, sew your first line for ruffling, 1/4in from that sew the second. then pull evenly to ruffle.

  • How to make fingerless gloves. Ruffle Cuffs - Step 4
    Step 4

    place the short ruffle on the long. evenly in the middle (if you want).
    align the ruffling seams. and secure it.

    you now have a ruffle cuff.

  • How to make fingerless gloves. Ruffle Cuffs - Step 5
    Step 5

    You can tie it with what ever you want.
    I used lace, but you could use leather or ribbon. or a decorative hairband (I know those exist now).
    you could create a buckle or a snap. I choose to tie it, even though it is difficult by myself (I have to use my teeth).

  • Step 6

    I did make two.
    the go great with long skirts and boots.

    you could use whatever material, and could even to color combinations of the ruffles.
    hope you enjoy.

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