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A gypsy punk version of my bustled camisole top
some time ago, all stores were full of clothes made of this ruffle tubular knit. i got a coupon for a bargain of this funny fabric when the fabric stores started selling these.
i wanted to have a top in my little gypsy punk revolte "collection" and as i used the fabric in other projects for this it was obvious using it again.
the top itself is a fitted tube top without straps. i added accents at the top front and the sides made of the ruffle knit. the pattern is similar to my camisole top.
also, i made small sleeves/straps made of tea dyed batiste and lace which are frayed.
you can find a sketch in file attachments.

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  • Step 1

    start with a top that fits you and your design. lay it on some paper and trace around the outlines.

  • Step 2

    decide how wide you want the ruffle accent at the front, draw in that measurement from the top of the front part and cut it off.
    also, draw in the side panels. cut them out and glue them together at the side seam so you have one piece. (similar to my bustled camisole top)

  • Step 3

    *2 upper front parts, one jersey and one ruffle knit
    *2 side panels out of the ruffle knit
    *1 lower front part on fold out of jersey
    *1 back part on fold out of jersey

  • How to make a ruffled top. Ruffle Accent Top - Step 4
    Step 4

    now the sleeves: i simply put my dress form in the original top, pinned the upper front part to where the upper edge started, pinned a strip of the batiste to it and sliced away the fabric i didn´t want.

  • Step 5

    get your sleeves off your top and baste them right sides facing to the ruffle front part.

  • How to make a ruffled top. Ruffle Accent Top - Step 6
    Step 6

    sew the upper edges of the top parts right sides facing, turn over and baste that ruffles down.

  • How to make a ruffled top. Ruffle Accent Top - Step 7
    Step 7

    attach the bottom front part to the lower edge of the upper front part (right sides facing)

  • Step 8

    hem the front and back parts and finish the upper edge of the back part. i flipped in the seam allowance and topstitched with a twin needle from the right side.

  • How to make a ruffled top. Ruffle Accent Top - Step 9
    Step 9

    sew the side seams: place the front on top of the back part right sides facing and sew.

  • How to make a ruffled top. Ruffle Accent Top - Step 10
    Step 10

    attach the side panels to the top (right sides facing). maybe you baste the ruffles down first, otherwise it can be tricky.

  • Step 11

    last but not least, attach the straps/sleeves at the back of the top. i simply topstitched from the right.

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ashleydollmeow · San Diego, California, US
I pretty much LOVE all your projects ;)

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