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pleats and zippers all around!!
a while ago, i made this purse as a part of my rockabilly swap package for knittin´kitten, now i did one for my mother who laid an eye on the first one and begged me to sew one for her for ages...
so, the purse consists of four parts, two for each side. the dividing seam is right across the middle, but you don´t notice it that much because there´s a pleat over it.
i sewed in the zipper all around and started at the upper left side so you can open the bag at the top. it´s an divisible zipper means you can divide the purse in its two parts (i know it won´t happen that much but i like to know that you could do that if you want to!)!
the shell fabric is some moderately shining poly fabric. you can also add lining on the inside if you like, i just didn´t feel to add lining :)
the only important thing is, you need a zipper that fits 100% to the outer edge of your purse!

haha, i had this 80s song in my head the whole day because of this purse... *you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round*...it will be terrible after a couple of hours...

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  • How to make a clutch. Round And Round Purse - Step 1
    Step 1

    Making the pattern:
    take a sheet of paper and fold it two times (first divide it in halves, than divide it again).

    draw in a quarter of an oval with right angles at the paper edges. measure around and make sure it fits to a quarter of your zipper length you want to have. if it doesn´t fit, adjust the oval a bit.

    cut out and unfold it.

    cut the oval in the middle (lengthwise) and mark the middle.

    now divide the measurement in equal sections for your pleats.

    cut in the marks for your pleats to the middle. add the volume for the pleats (mine is 2cm) in each cut and draw half of the volume (in my case 1cm) to the lower edge.

  • Step 2

    cut out four parts of the bag pieces.
    if you wanna add a lining, also cut four pieces out of lining.
    i recommend to make notches where the pleats start, wrap and end.
    don´t forget to add seam allowances!
    finish the dividing seam edge with a serger or zigzag.

  • How to make a clutch. Round And Round Purse - Step 3
    Step 3

    sew the dividing seams, fold your pleats as you wish and baste them.

  • Step 4

    cut two strips of fabric, fold them in half and sew. turn them and topstitch both sides
    -> your handles were born!!
    baste the ends to the bag (on the right side)

  • How to make a clutch. Round And Round Purse - Step 5
    Step 5

    place the upper end of the zipper on the end of the handle and pin around the whole bag. it´s a bit tricky with the zipper ends, they have to be alined... i recommend basting the zipper before sewing, pins are not that good in this case.

  • Step 6

    sew in the zipper, finish the inner edge, turn around, close the zipper and you´re done!

  • Step 7

    if you wanna have a lining, sew it in by hand now.

    i kept the purse simple and pain, but you can add a flower or something like that (maybe a zipper flower?) to hide the small visible seam part in the middle.
    you can twist the straps, or cross them when attaching them to the purse.
    i bit more difficult: different fabrics for the outer purse and the pleats, a lot more seams but i think it will be a nice effect when the pleat opens and another fabric shows!

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