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Zombie, Rotting flesh, Cut burn scrape halloween make up
Okay. So first things first, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and visualize where you want your wounds to be and how that will effect your night. For instance if your going to be talking and drinking I wouldn't recommend doing anything over your mouth.

Once you have that figured out, start taking small strips of toilet paper and coat them in glue. Try to keep them in "strings" and not "wads".

I apply them to my face until I get the desired shape for my wound. They wont feel very secure at this point-don't worry about that. Once you have them arranged the way you want them cover them with a few layers of liquid latex. Making sure to let them dry between layers. I also filled in the area inside the wounds with a coarse brush to create a textured look.

Once that's dry its makeup time! I used some red, black, white, yellow and green face paints I have in a Halloween kit. I kinda just stipple inside the wounds until I'm happy with the way it looks. Add your shadows outside the wound to add height and depth to the toilet papered area so that it looks like its your skin that is peeling away.

I used the white face paint to lighten my complexion just slightly and hit my contour areas with black shadow (around my eye, cheek hollows, sides of forehead, chin and nose) Add the lip gloss over all areas you want to look gory and bloody. To really make this look come together you need to gross up your teeth. You can by the fake gross teeth or you can get some tooth enamel sold in nicotine color. Apply it to your teeth after you've dried them and wait for it to dry completely before touching it or letting your lip touch it. This can be removed with rubbing alcohol when your done: ) *TIP* I've noticed fake blood looks great for a while but then dries up and I don't care for that look so much. Mix a bit of clear lip gloss with it and it will greatly extend the gory life period of your fake blood.

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Ashley F.
Ashley F. · 5 projects
I don't know about that. But I like the look that lip gloss gives it: )
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
You look gross. And that's a compliment for this project. ;-)
The fake blood, don't they sell it in a non-drying variety? I think I saw it somewhere...

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