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Revamping rosary
I wanted to have a wearable rosary for a long time so when I found to swap it for almost nothing, I just had to have it :) Actually, I wanted it black, but red is good to.
I made ribcage from shrinky dinky (at last I found it in my city!) and heart was silver, but a bit of spray paint made it perfect (and it is heavy heart, i adore that :)
This project cost me almost nothing and took only a few minutes to make. I love these kind of projects ;)

Posted by Lesti M. from Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania • Published See Lesti M.'s 28 projects »

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Rachel E.
Rachel E.
This is just really freaking me out. And I love jewelry incorporating body parts. And if I didn't know that you had made this from a deconstructed rosary I think I'd love it. But, I mean, it's a rosary. Would you carve out a Bible (or some other religious text) and make a stash box out of it? I really hope you didn't just throw away that Jesus. Because he'll know. I'll pray for you. For reals. God bless.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL Love this, awesome and sooooo cool!!!;-D
Jane · Finland, Minnesota, US · 1 project
Great idea! This is SO cool and creepy! I really love it.

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