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Simple Wire Rings with just one bead and jewelry wire. • Posted by Topaze D.

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    First choose the bead you would like to have as the feature. I forgot to take pictures as i made these while watching a film, but it's so simple you won't need them. Then measure your finger with the wire. Allow a little extra for wrap arounds. Begin to loop round a few times. Think i did mine 4 times or something, then using a crimp bead clasp the initial end to one of your loops(if that makes sense) then begin twisting and wrapping the wire aroung. When you've got it looking ok but a bit sparse, thred on your bead. You can secure it by looping around close to it and passing the wire back through - i also mounted mine above the crimp bead. I didn't use another crimp bead to end it, i decided to end the wire within the bead to keep it secure. Then Jobs a good un, fannys your aunt etc. You have a jippy kitsch style ring. My friend has already asked me to make her one of these so may add more pics when i can be bothered.