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Based on Ribbon Wreath by Patricia P.
This is a different version of my original Ribbon Wreath project. This one was made themed for a baby girl in honor of my sister having her very first baby!

Some Different Supplies From Last Time:

Extra ribbon for bow
Pipe Cleaners/Fuzzy Sticks
3D Stickers (Baby Girl Themed)
3D Stickers (Butterfiles)
Ribbon Pin
Wooden Letters
Brown Paint
Pink Paint
Paint Brushes
Clear Favor Boxes with Pink Ribbons attached

I curled the fuzzy sticks/pipe cleaners to make a coiled spring. I kept the ones I used for the letters whole, but I cut the ones for the stickers in half. I also cut 16 curls from 2 springs. I painted the boxes and the letters. I hotglued the letters to the whole springs. I hotglued the stickers to the half springs. And I hotglued the the butterflies to the curls. I then positioned and hotglued everything to the ribbon-wrapped wreath. I pinned the Ribbon Pin onto the wreath and secured with hotglue.

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