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Never search for the remote again!
I can never find the many remotes that we have in our house and it was driving me crazy. So, I got this idea to create a remote control hang up organizer. I hung it on the side of a chair in our living room and it works great. Here is a quick tutorial for you to make your own.

Posted by Caro from Brooklyn, New York, United States • Published See Caro 's 4 projects »
  • Step 1

    1. Lay all your remotes out in a line and measure how long you need to make your organizer. If you are like me, addition of live in boyfriend > in remotes.

  • How to make a remote control holder. Remote Control Organizer - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut out a piece of fleece and fabric the right length and height. Then sew it wrong sides together, turn inside out.

    Lay your remotes inside the pieces of fabric and pin sides so that you have a personalized pocket for each remote.

  • How to make a remote control holder. Remote Control Organizer - Step 3
    Step 3

    Sew along pins to make pockets for each remote.

    Then cut 6 strips of fleece and sew to the top left of the organizer. Sew another in the middle. Tie to a chair or possibly pin to the wall and now you will never have to search for your remotes again!

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Ginger Ginger.
Ginger Ginger. · Australia, AU · 16 projects
this is a gr8 idea for my fam cuz my cat is always sneaking the remote down the cown or sumtin!
Caro · Brooklyn, New York, US · 4 projects
whoa that is such a good idea!!! totally doing it!
iWunder01 · 6 projects
That is really a great idea.

CO + K User

Awesome! The only other thing I would do is embroider the remote names on each sleeve, like "TV" "VCR" "DVD" "Fan".

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