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Relaxing Eye Mask

Scented mask • Posted by PinkWeeds

Relaxing Eye Mask for those troubled nights.

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Relaxing Eye Mask for those troubled nights.


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    I started by cutting out 2 pieces of the basic eye mask shape. I also went ahead and made it a bit more girly by adding a ruffle. That's entirely optional on your part if you decide to do that though.

  2. Small relaxing 022

    back side of eye mask after I sewed the ruffle on.

  3. Small relaxing 023

    Fold the ruffle inside and spush it between your two pieces of fabric. Pin all the way around.

  4. Small relaxing 024

    Cut two pieces of ribbon and fold in half. Pin each piece on either side of your eye mask.

  5. Small relaxing 027

    Sew all the way around your eye mask leaving an opening along the top for you to turn right side out.

  6. Small relaxing 029

    Turn right side out and pour white rice inside your eye mask.

  7. Small relaxing 031

    Also add the herb or essential oil of your choice. Most women will prefer lavendar but I'll be using this when I'm in labor so I went with a lighter scent and chose Rosemary which I find to be very relaxing.

  8. Small relaxing 032

    Pin and sew your opening shut .

  9. Small relaxing 033

    Lastly thread your ribbon through your two ribbon loops. Heat up in the microwave for 30 seconds and relax.