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A cool way to house stationary using evenday items
Made these cute little tins a while ago to house some of my stationary. They are made entirely of things most people would have lying around their house. While i used multicolour wool you would get an equally cool effect from several different colours and doing them in strips.

You will also notice how diabolical my spelling is during this explination, and that my spelling of selotape changes each time i write it, to be clear its the well clear thing thats like plastic but sticky on one side. =]

Happy Crafting

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    Step 1

    Start by getting you tube, you can throw away the lid or keep it, its up to you. Make sure its all clean inside - Beef scented storage ain't good.

    Get your ball of wool and secure the end of it to your tub in one of three ways -
    1) Pierce a hole in the tub with a needle or scissors and thread the wool through it and secure with a knot.
    2) Tie a knot then celotape just about the knot to prevent it from comign lose (see diagram, please ignore how terrible it is)
    3) Glue it to the tub

  • Step 2

    Once your sure the end of your wool is secure start to wind the wool around the tub. Careful not to leave it too lose or pull it to tight, it should sit comfortably against the side of the tub.

    If you intend to change colours you could either secure the end in one of the three ways mentioned above or tie the new string to the end of the old string if you could make a knot small enough

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    Step 3

    Once you get to the top you can either glue or selotape your wool in place or you can pierce the tub with scissors or a thick needle and thread the wool through.

  • How to make a pot. Recycled Pencil Holder Or Deak Storage - Step 4
    Step 4

    Place stationary or what ever you wish to store in your tub and enjoy.

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