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jeans, denim, purse, bag, sling
So, I'm in trouble. I have plenty of homework to keep me busy at the end of the work day, and I can't stop wanting to sew things!

So after turning in a few assignments, I started thinking of a pair of jeans I bought from the thrift store without trying on and, alas, were too small. And how I think the SEXIEST part of any pair of jeans is the fly.

...um...scissors. pins. SEWING MACHINE! NOW!

I figured it'd be a fun way to get to know my sewing machine before I pick up the bigger project...Learned about reinforcing seams and changing out my bobbin tonight.

And here's the outcome. I fought for nearly an hour trying to turn the strap (aka TUBE) inside out...ugh. But I'm sooo happy with how it turned out!

Something cute to haul around on the weekends with my phone, chapstick, and keys. nothing too gigantic. Perfect.

Since I didn't know it'd turn out so well, I didn't take pictures while I was doing...I think I'm going to start doing that!

Posted by Lisa D. from San Diego, California, United States • Published See Lisa D.'s 29 projects »

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You're welcome. (I had to check back here to see if anyone called me an idiot) And I still never figured out how to insert a link. haha!
Lisa D.
Lisa D. · San Diego, California, US · 29 projects
WUAHAHAHA. Dessah you crack me up!!!! Thank you for the tips, tricks, and the link! (Yes, I got it to work). WUAHAHA. I totally need to invest in that handy dandy gadget and denim needles. AND i need to press my stuffin's. ;) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Holy God! I'm so sorry! lol

Can someone please explain this to me before I totally destroy this poor woman's project! I'm a total idiot! lol

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Ok, I'm a total nerd. I'm going to try again. lol SORRY!!

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Invest in one of these. They're cheap and totally worth it.

<a href=" http://www.joann.com/joann/search/searchall.jsp?keyword=loop%20turner&catPath=All%20Products////Product%20Home////UserSearch=loop%20turner&_requestid=209310 "> loop turner </a>

(hope that comes out right. .I don't do much HTML) lol

Anyways, also get yourself a "jean" needle if you'll be doing many of these projects. They're thicker and won't bend and tear up your machine. And always, ALWAYS press out your seams. (if the fabric allows) It gives a nice crisp line and looks professional. God...I could go on and on with tips...but I'll try to leave you alone. lol Message me if you need advice.

PS. I think you're a natural.