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apron from recycle denim blue jeans
My husband wanted suspenders for use with this apron. The pant seam scraps would work just as well in a pinch for straps. Just punch some holes on the top and sides, install eyelets, weave the straps through the eyelets, and tie the ends in a knot so they won't unravel or slip back through. I used a zipper foot on my sewing machine when I had to sew really close to the pockets. A good pair of heavy duty kitchen snips worked really well to cut the denim. This was the hardest part, hard on my hands, and took the longest time to do. I cut off all seams and front pockets, the waist band, and the zipper. I then laid the fabric right sides together and stitched them together with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. I stitched 3 legs together in order from longest in the middle (keeping the back pockets intact) and shorter pieces to the outside. My husband is a 3X. You might only need 2 legs for you or yours. Trim the bottom for the appropriate length needed. All seams and hems were then double stitched and top stitched to prevent unraveling. I made and added 2 more pockets for a total of 4; he likes to "wear" his tools when he works. lol Hope you enjoy!

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Stephanie Faith
Stephanie Faith · 1 project
Good idea!
Rachel L.
Rachel L. · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 14 projects
very cool

CO + K User

That is a cool apron. Nice use of suspenders too (we call em braces in the U.K.):]

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