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For all those loose pieces of wax and candle debris laying about.
Basically as the title says!

I made these candles using wax drippings and pieces of broken candles with the wicks carefully removed.

If you have some plain pillar candles you can carefully cut into sections of it with a knife and gently pull off small sections of the wax to create a new candle.

The metal bases that hold the wicks in place can be pricey if you love candle making so by all means use the left over metal pieces from tea candles to hold your excess or removed wicks in place. You can clean these pieces out carefully with the end of a sewing needle to remove wax build up and remaining wick pieces.

Thread your wick through the metal piece and bend at the bottom so it will sit flat.

Drip some wax into the bottom of your mold to hold the wick down in the center of your mold prior to pouring wax (I use shot glasses to give a "votive" like outcome.

Melt your wax on a very low heat using a sauce pan. (Don't worry it cleans up fine with soap and water) if you are weary of your stove being too hot for the wax you could always use a double boiler.

Once it has melted add drops of essential oils if you wish. You can also add flakes from other colored candles or crayons to add a tint of color if your wax is plain or if you simply wish to change it up a bit. The more you use the richer the color will be, of course.

Carefully pour your wax into the mold or shot glass. Your wick will want to fall over , you can use the prongs of a fork with the wick resting between the prongs to keep your wick in place or a clothes pin draped over the top to pinch it and keep it from falling into the wax.

If your wick detaches from the bottom carefully use the end of a spoon or chop stick to push the bottom gently in place again.

Let your candles sit for an hour or two (or until it looks firm and the color is no longer transparent)

Tip out your new candles and enjoy!

SIDE NOTE!: If you wish to add a tiny pinch of herbs I suggest grinding them up with a pestle and mortar or the edge of a knife. I left my lavender bits whole and they started acting as their own wicks :p

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