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A great project to recycle those old candles and store your beauty items!
I pretty much had a lot of used candle jars, and wanted a use for them so I decided to do this. It's pretty simple, looks good, and why not use the glass jars rather then throw them out? (:


  • Step 1

    1. Get rid of the wax in candle jar.

    you could do this two ways: put the candle jar in freezer
    :melt the wax out

    I do the freezer thing, some people think its more complicated like that but eh I dont know how to get rid of the metal thing in the bottom if i melt it and when you just put it in the freezer it pops out soo heres the directions for both you can pick which one you prefer.

    FREEZER: put candle in freezer for about 2 hours, you can put it in over night, it really depends, 2 hours works for me but i think the longer you put it in, the easier it is to pop out the wax.

    Next, take out the candle and what i do is get a spoon or some other tool and push on the wax a little and it should pop right out alllll of it. sometimes it takes a little more effort pushing it out but just like a minute, like i said the longer its in the freezer the easier it should be to pop out (not too long though!)

    MK, then if there is excess wax on the sides, use EITHER baby oil, vinegar, or olive oil to remove it. baby oil will work best.


    MELTING: boil water, then pour into the candle jar then pour it back out right away NOT into the sink of course! The metal thing in the bottom may or not come off it didnt with me so my husband got some tools to get it out.
    There shouldnt be any excess wax left over.

    OK. Now to making them into something useful (:

    2. Get a jar and pour veryy little water in it i put about half an inch, and then get the elmers glue and put the same amount of glue as you did water.

    This will create the paste to glue the tissue paper to the glass, you can also use modge podge.

    3. get a brush (i use one of my synthetic painting brushes) but im sure you can use any one.

    4. get tissue paper and cut the pieces to be glued into the jar,

    its hard to cut one piece to fit along the side of the jar but you can try, what i found best was cutting the piece, then cutting it into fourths and gluing piece by piece that way,
    also, try and pick a pattern like leopard that will make it so you don't have to glue the pieces perfect, because if its something like zebra or polka dots you can see where the pattern ends or begins, im not sure if that makes sense? but you can try it.

    5. Get your brush and dip it into the glue and water paste, then lightly paint the inside of the candle jar, then get your tissue paper pieces and press them against it; the pattern facing the outside of the jar.

    6. You can also give the inside a coat with the glue paste to help it stay more.

    7. Let it dry then you have your jar! sorry if i made it long it really is simple its just i want to make sure i say everything so it is as simple as can be for you to make. message me if you have any questions and now you can use your cute little jar for:

    q-tips, makeup brushes, eyeshadow sponges, cotton balls,or whatever else (:

    for the makeup brushes you could put those glass little rocks in fish bowls to make it stay,

    you could also maybe use it for blending stubs if youre an artist? thats what i do since i like my studio area to be organized (even though it gets so messy!)

    well i hope you enjoyed this (:

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Beatriz R.
Beatriz R.
Love the zebra one

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Cool idea!
Lauren H.
Lauren H. · Jeannette, Pennsylvania, US

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