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Hide that special gift in a recycled decorative can
My older grandkids like the "Green Stuff - $$" for Christmas and I hate just handing over money. I decorated a soup can and put the gift inside. They all knows how much Nana likes to do crafts so I am going to tell him that this is my lastest craft, decorating cans to use to excersse your arms/hand or you can use for a paper weight. I weighted the can with coins inside a cloth bags and put enought tissue paper in the can so that when you shake the can you don't hear any coins but the can has the weight of the orginal contents inside. Can't wait to see his face and see how long it takes to figure out it's not a can of soup but his gift.

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  • Step 1

    You can use any can from your pantry. I used a soup can that had a pop top.

    Open the can with a smooth edge can opener. Empty contents out, I cooked with contents, and wash both inside of can and lid and remove label. I saved the label so I would have the size needed to replace the label. Once the can and lid are dried you can begin your project.

    Use any decorative paper you want, I used a page from a travel magazine. Cut the paper to the size of the can and put double sided tape around the can and secure the label.
    Once you have the gift that you want in the can, you then use a little dab of hot glue around the lid and place back on the can and press down to secure.

    Additional note: If you gift is light you can add some weight to the can. I used a small cloth bag and filled it with coins to give my can a little weight but you can use sand, pebbles, or whatever other items you might have laying around the house.

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poohbear p.
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so cute!!

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