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Record Bowl Purse

make a bag out of a record • Posted by Veronica C.

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    Cut two of the outer fabric and two of the lining fabric each 19x11. With right sides together, sew the outer fabric’s side seams, the 11” side. Then sew the side seams of the lining fabric.

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    Iron these seams open.

  3. Turn the lining right side out and place it inside the outer fabric so that the right sides of each piece are facing each other (the wrong side will be facing you). Match the side seams, and pin one of the open edges together. Sew along the pinned edge all the way around. Iron seams open. Flip the fabric so both of the right sides are showing. It will be the shape of a tube now and you want the lining on the inside and the outside fabric facing out towards you.

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    Now make a casing. An inch or so from the top edge of the bag, stitch a line through the two layers (lining and outer fabric), all around the bag. If you want more of a ruffled edge at the top of the bag, start this line of stitching farther from the top edge. Then stitch another line about a half inch below the first line.

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    Now cut a round piece of fabric from the same fabric as the lining (or you can use muslin) just a little smaller than the record. Fold the fabric in half and then in half again into a triangle. Mark the four points then mark the halfway points in between the four points.

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    Pin the circle to the raw edge of the tube of fabric and sew around. It doesn’t matter that it will have a messy raw edge that will be covered up later.

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    Put one record into the lining.

  8. Small 5155

    Put a generous amount of glue on the other record.

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    Now smush the lining to the record with the glue. Let the glue dry for about 45 minutes

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    Let the glue dry for about 45 minutes, put something heavy on it.

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    Take out the extra record in the lining, not the one stuck to the fabric. Heat your oven to about 350F. put a bowl on a cookie sheet, I use a stainless steel bowl or this nifty bowl for making tortilla bowls for taco salad. Then put the record purse on top of the bowl with the fabric draped over the bowl or tucked in between the record and bowl. Just depends on how you want to do it. I have done it both ways and they both work fine.

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    Put it in the oven and let it begin to soften, do not leave it unattended cause it will start to melt fast. I forgot one and I had bubbles all over my bowl.

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    after it gets soft enough to manipulate pull it out of the oven. I then use another stainless steel bowl to smush the record down over the other bowl it is already on or mold it by hand wearing oven mitts.

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    Let cool. At both side seams of the casing use a seam ripper to unpick the side stitching in between the two lines of casing stitches.

  15. Small 5164

    Cut the cord into two long equal pieces. Thread the cord through the casing with a safety pin, all the way around the bag until it comes back to the starting point. Do the same on the other side and tie the ends of the cord together. when you pull the cords the bag cinches closed.