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Get your receipts organized and ready for tax day! • Posted by Cynthia S.

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    Grab a hanger (my hanger is actually a baby hanger) and place it on some paper. Trace the top angle of the hanger and then draw the sides and the bottom. My caddy measures 12" from the hanger to the bottom. Next plan and mark where the pockets will go, then make a pattern for these pockets, adding seam allowance. Mark where the caddy will be cut in half and then mark the openings for the hanger to poke through and for the larger pocket. Cut the pattern out, but do not cut the pattern in half yet.

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    First cut out the back piece using the entire paper pattern, adding 1/4" seam allowance. Next, cut the paper pattern at the horizontal line and cut the top portion and the bottom portion, marking notches where you will stop and start sewing,forming the larger pockets. Be sure to add seam allowance where needed. And last, cut out the pockets.

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    Turn the top edge of the pockets under twice and topstitch in place. Next, turn the side and bottom seam allowance under. I use this handy little seam presser when I'm working on small projects, and don't feel like heating up my iron.

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    Stitch the pockets to the front sections.

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    Pin, then stitch the top portion to the bottom portion stopping and starting at the notches.

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    Press the seam open.

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    Then on the outside, topstitch the seam allowance down. The opening for the big pockets will be formed at this point.

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    Pin, then stitch the back to the front, starting and stopping at the notches where the hanger will poke out.

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    Clip the corners diagonally and turn the caddy right side out.

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    Then stitch the seam allowance back at the hanger opening. Now insert the hanger and stitch up the center through all layers, forming the two large pockets.

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    Make small labels and attach with brads.

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    And now you'll ready for tax day ... Next Year!