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A six month aniversery gift filled with love, and a but load of of memmories
Ok so my boyfriends birthday was coming up then I looked at the calendar and realized that I'd been dating him for 6 months.
I had to think of something fast. My mom said it had to be something personal, something that shows him how I feel. Then I remembered I had been wanting to do a "reasons why I love you" thing but didn't have anyone to do it for, until now.
So took 15 or more blank note cards, folded, and bound them into a little book. Then I hunted Pintrest for some ideas of what to say in it.
I came up with 55 reasons off the top of my head, and I don't think I repeated any thing.
Reasons why I love my man:
1.) he didn't reject me like other cute/hot guys or other people do.
2.)he's cute like pikachu!
3.) he's sweet like candy.
4.) we agree that the christan Rock band "skillet" Rocks
5.)he loves the song "Romeo and Cinderella" ( the first thing we both had in common .)
6.) he's not a sparklely pedo/ Edward Cullen
7.) he respects me
8.)he thinks I'm funny even if I end up embaressing myself.
9.) he still loves me after that embarrassing moment.
10.) he accepts me for me.
11.) he loves me no matter what I do or what I've done in the past.
12.) he thinks I'm smart.
13.) he understands me possibly better then I understand myself.
14.) he cares about me and others
15.) he doesn't care that I'm autistic, and he will accommodate me.
16.) he thinks I'm beautiful
17.)he broke my "haven't dated in 5 or more years streak".
18.) he knows Martial arts and is willing to teach me.
19.) he loves sushi more then I do, and I like only finger sushi.
20.)he brought back my gaming crazes.
21.) he makes me strong and wanna be a better person.
22.)he thinks it's hot that I used to win fist fights with boys in elementary, middle and high school.
23.)he thinks my hair smells good when my mother coughed with disgust.
24.)he's not the first boyfriend that said "we might get married" but he is the first to say "I mean it"
25.) he listens to me
26.)when I'm about to cry he cheers me up
27.) he's awesome.
28.) he's a Christian
29.) he took a chance when it came to dating me.
30.) he likes my singing and loves my parodies
31.)I love that he says I'm his "hero" or "Angel"
32.) I love that we are like Anna Blue and Damien Dawn in there music video "Angel"
33.) he helps me forget the chaotic and fallen world we live in.
34.) he proved that there are lights in the dark. (Poetic, I know)
35.) he showed me that true love can exist, not just in fairy tales.
36.) he gives me a chance to live the life I had always wanted but was denied.
37.) he loves anime and manga
38.)he loves me not just because I'm beautiful but for who I am.
39.) he loves my drawings
40.) he loves my crafts
41.) he loves the things I make him no matter how cheesy they are in my eyes.
42.) he makes me smile
43.) he's always there
44.) he boost my confidence
45.) he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me (possibly even eternity)
46.)he says the things that I'm scared to say.( for example: I love you)
47.) he makes me less afraid
48.) he gets me the things I want before I even want them or say that I want them.
49.) we can laugh about the weirdest stuff and it not be awkward.
50.)he's all the things I need in my life
51.) he helps me see the brighter side of things
52.)he's willing to stand up for me (I forgot a number in the book)
53.) I love that I have more then enough things I love about him to fill up a little book.
54.) I love that I now have someone I can make this book for.
55.) and the biggest one of them all:
I feel like I have found my missing piece.
I mean people use the term "soulmate" so loosely, but I know now
(And not just because he said the same thing)
That he is my soul mate, and this is true.

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