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Really, really, really chunky Half-Persian (3 in 1)
Oh my goodness! I bought these stainless steel jumprings online from Beadsisters and they quote on their website that they're "strong and will not rust". They also quote that they're "not easy to manipulate" - boy, was that an understatement. To be fair, it's not so much that the rings were darned hard to open and close, but they almost ruined my pliers! Strong as they are I'll definitely have to get a new set as they've marred the perfect symmetry of the jaws and the joints had been wrenched to their limit so often, I fear they'll just fall apart at any minute :(. I also bought some other steel rings in different sizes and gauges at the same time, though these were the largest. I'm going to wait though until I get some toolbox pliers, as opposed to my genteel jewellery pliers before I tackle those.

That said, this bracelet is a half-Persian 3-in-1. I desperately wanted to do the 4-in-1 version as I really loved the look of. It took me 2 evenings of pulling my hair out and gnashing my teeth to work that pattern out (my excuse is that I was ill at that time), only to find that the wire gauge was too thick, the internal diameter too small, so that by the time I got to around the 6th pattern repeat, far from being the usual moveable and fluid movement you'd expect from chainmail, it became as stiff as a board (a steel board!!!) and so tight I could no longer fit new links through. Boo hoo! Not that I'm complaining any, as love the result of the 3-in-1.

The bracelet is large and chunky (I'm trying not to say man-sized) and I made it for my brother as it was his birthday last week. Now before you yell 'cheapskate' - it's only my brother :) (I have several of 'em) and it was a second additional present not the real pressie :).

My main source of instruction is below.

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Jassie '.
Jassie '. · Milton Keynes, England, GB · 15 projects
Thank you. My brother loves it. I was feeling a bit guilty because it cost less than 3 quid to make. But you're right, it's only inexpensive in monetary terms and you can't put a price on what one puts in to creating an item Happy
Paige R.
Paige R. · New York, New York, US · 17 projects
Hey, I think chain maille is a great gift! I've just made a box chain bracelet for a friend of mine. So it's all good Happy

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