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How to turn a tragedy into a beautiful rebirth.
I loved this mirror to death. It was so awesome. Then it had to go and repay me for my years of ogling it by falling off the wall and shattering into four big pieces and then a million tiny pieces that are still sticking into my feet. Through my anguish of cleaning up the debris, I found out how they made the mirror: by etching out the outline of the picture used onto a larger piece of mirror, and then replacing the picture underneath it. Well, I didn't have the resources to do such glasswork... but I didn't want to see the remnants of my mirror go (plus, the empty space on the wall was really awkward). So I had to do some improvising. First, I painted the white spaces in the poster that was underneath the mirror a pale green - you know, faerie-ish (I guess). This took me forever - three months forever - out of sheer laziness. But once it was done, I got to do the fun part of glazing over the entire poster with Sparkle Mod Podge. So, now it's even more faerie-ish (I guess). After that, I got this nice, elegant faerie-ish (yeah whatever) crafting mirror and stuck it on there with some E-3000. And then I fixed the original frame, which also took the liberty of breaking on impact on that fateful day. And to commemorate the breaking of the original mirror and to prevent a tragedy like it from ever happening again.... I didn't hang it on the wall. :P

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