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Add a little 'Oomph' to that old shirt!
My first DIY not so sure how good it is but I got lots of compliments today!

Posted by sarahthevampire from Sussex, Wisconsin, United States • Published

  • Step 1

    Take an old shirt and cut the sleeve right down the middle.

  • Step 2

    Take a piece of lace in your choice of color and sew it where you cut the shirt. Repeat with the other sleeve.

  • Step 3

    Cut down the middle of the back of your shirt. It doesn't matter how far down you go.

  • Step 4

    Cut holes on either side of the slit you cut in Step 3. However many you want is fine.

  • Step 5

    Take a long piece of lace the same color as on the sleeves and lace up the back, tie it in a bow on the top or bottom and VIOLA!

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