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5 mins

basic darkroom
a simple darkroom photograph

(hey guys thanks for telling me I mixed up the steps, I never noticed my error)


and yes, it does go by many names I use rayograph because thats what we called them in design school.

rayograph was named after Man Ray, the dada artist who did alot of them.

Posted by michelle G. from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada • Published See michelle G. 's 1253 projects »
  • How to make a photo manipulation. Rayograph - Step 1
    Step 1

    This is a easy project to do(if you have a darkroom, with an enlarger and solution bath)

    you take a sheet of photopaper, lay it on the enlarger.

    You take the item you wish to xray(I used old film)

    and you expose the image for 5 seconds.

    You then take the sheet and place it in the developer solution(about 5 min), then the stop bath. then the fixer.

    Hang to dry.

    (sorry guys I did mix it up a bit, thanks for informing me.)



Ronald T.
Ronald T.
Alexis W.
Alexis W. · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 9 projects
I did this in my photography class in school it was pretty cool!
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
oops sorry guys, I did get that mixed up
Glitter Pixie
Glitter Pixie · York, England, GB
yeah they are also called rayographs because Man Ray used them a lot, you're right Roma. Glad I got the chemicals in the right order, i was highly confused. Though we always do 3mins, 1 min, 2mins
Roma · 19 projects
also, a little something- they can be either photograms or rayographs. i think they became rayographs after man ray used them a lot- or did i make that up?

try being a little positive once in a while! it's a good project Happy
Roma · 19 projects
i love photograms! i hope i get to make some in college. yummmm.
kaludesign · Austin, Texas, US · 19 projects
It's called a photogram, not a rayograph. You also have your chemicals in the wrong order. Developer, stop bath (stops the developing process) and then fixer (makes the image permanent)
FoxesinBoxes · Bury, England, GB · 10 projects
I love these, but we always called them Photograms.
And yeah, developer 4 mins, stop 2 mins, fixer 3 mins, wash bath for 10 mins.
I think it all depends on the brand and the concentration of the solution.
Glitter Pixie
Glitter Pixie · York, England, GB
i love rayographs, great tutorial. just a quick question, do you really do developer, fixer then stop bath? i was always taught developer, stop bath, then fixer! madness!

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