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Ray Of Light

Photography with rays of Light • Posted by Jcakes

I used cs5 when making these photos...

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I used cs5 when making these photos...


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    Step1: Open a photo that you would like to edit Step2: we need to duplicate the layer (Layer> Duplicate or Ctrl+J). Step3: Then we will use the Levels tool (Image> Adjustment> Levels or Ctrl+L). Drag the middle input slider all the way to the left.

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    Step4: Now that we have the light source identified, we can distort it into a ray of light. For this process, we'll use the Radial Blur filter (Filter> Blur> Radial Blur) with these properties set: Amount: 100 Blur Method: Zoom Quality: Best After you have those properties set, click and drag the blur center to the area where you would like the ray of light to zoom out from. Step5: You'll notice that there are visible speckles on the ray of light if using a photo, So press Ctrl+F Step6: Now that we have our ray of light created, Change the blend mode to Screen

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    Step7: To increase the visibility of the ray of light, we'll use the Levels tool (Image> Adjustments> Levels or Ctrl+L). Drag the right input slide towards the left to increase visibility. Step8: Then use the eraser tool and go over parts of the image you want to see, and then use Hue/Saturation to change color. All Done!