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Cosplay made Easy. The future of costume pattern availabilty.
Welcome to Rapture. These 4 dresses (in numerous shots) make up my university collection 'Renaissance Lolita.' The dresses take influence from Italian Renaissance research I carried out last semester and now, finally at the end of uni I created the dresses you can see here.

The dress with the trim is known as Lucrezia, the sleeveless smocked dress is Bianca, the organza sleeves with lozenge panel back is Vittoria, and the puff sleeves with piped waist is Caterina.

In the near future I will be making these patterns available digitally for a £10 fee, they will also come with instructions, and allow people to alter the designs, add things, make them their own dresses as it suits them. Instructions will be included, feel free to google for me. The rapture costumiers site is not set up properly yet but there is a facebook page, and I am eager to get these patterns into digital format and finally give people with a desire to make costume the leg up they need. Sizes 8-22 will be in every pattern pack with cad images of how I imagine the dress. If you accidentally delete the pattern I will be more than happy to resupply it at no extra charge.

My dream is to have a pattern database for cosplay- Anime, videogame and lolita styles. No simplicity patterns with mind numbing information and no clue where to start. Let's bring clothes making back into the home and get a diverse costume culture back on all continents.

EDIT: These patterns are now available at rapturecostumiers.co.uk



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